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A Flagbearer Of The Indian Weaving Industry

The thick business bond with the weaving community is the backbone of the Beena Kannan Couture. We believe that every intricate detail in a six-yard of fabric or any attire that we embody is intertwined with the sweat and blood of artisans who weave it arduously and with precision. Beena Kannan Couture attempts to combine elements from around the world and create one-of-its-kind attires to support traditional Indian weaving techniques. It’s every collection is a mirror to the ancient golden eras, with a touch of Indian weaves. 

The Beena Kannan Couture has always been a mentor and a pillar of support for the traditional weaving industry of the country.Thence, it has deep ties with the weaving community. 

Historically, these communities have committed themselves to weave, and their occupations are interlaced in the masterpieces they create. However, the industry crumbled when the country demanded a shift from traditional designs to simpler minimalistic patterns. Beena Kannan tried to understand this and embraced the challenges faced by Indian weavers, encouraging them to include innovations in designs. She travelled around the world to bring in new ideas and inspirations. As she succeeded in delivering her thoughts, the entire community started working for her. 

Today, she travels to different parts of south India, including the inner villages in Kancheepuram, to pay attention to the weavers who have exquisitely woven Kancheepuram sarees.

Weaving Masterpieces​

Each attire in the Beena Kannan collection is conceived with precision. From creating the idea to conveying it to the weavers and getting it sewn as desired, it’s a long process which she loves monitoring herself. As a result, every design, pattern and outfit has a touch of Beena Kannan’s magical creativity, making it extra special. To Beena Kannan, the customer’s satisfaction is everything.
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