The Jamawar is a particular type of shawl, skillfully hand-woven with traditional rhymes by the heritage weavers from generations. The Jamawar robes and shawls are glamorous textiles decorated with delicate florals and paisley motifs. Inspired by Aztec and Egyptian art, Art Deco is a mix of zig-zag modernism, angular and geometric patterns and symmetries.

Art Deco & Art of Jamawar

This collection, which celebrates modernity with royalty, is a mix of geometric lines and sleek art forms. These styles became prevalent in 1925 during the International Exhibition of modern decorative and industrial art. Following World War II, this art of the roaring 20s was all about lavish displays of wealth and over-the-top ornamentation. Parallelly, the craft of heritage weaving, Jamawar breathes sophistication with a regal touch.

Rule with Grace

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    Before World war 1, a new style of visual arts developed in France, known as Art Deco. This modern art represented luxury, glamour, exuberance, and progress.


    The bold and bright patterns of Jamawar blended perfectly with the contemporary designs of art deco brings royalty and modernity to the ensembles in this collection.


    Jawamar is a special type of shawl from Kashmir, knitted with silk threads or polyester. It was introduced under the reign of Kashmir ruler Zain-Ul-Abdin in the 15th century.

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